Criteria for Technology Tools

This week my school had a volunteer professional development session on Google Apps, Diigo, and other Web 2.0 applications. We had an interesting discussion about which tools administrators expected teachers to use, and what tools teachers were most comfortable with. This made me think about my own criteria for technology adoption.

Criteria: When reviewing new tech, consider the following:

1) Will it help students learn or is it a way to keep students occupied? John Wooden once said, “Never mistake activity for achievement.” 

2) Do we have something that already does this? If so, is it more efficient?

3) Does it allow for collaboration?

4) Is it easy to use?

5) Is it affordable?

What other criteria are necessary? Comments?


About afichter

Husband, Father, and Educator. I am a Language Arts teacher and School Improvement Director for Pleasantville Community Schools in Iowa.
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One Response to Criteria for Technology Tools

  1. John Turnage says:

    A few additional suggested criteria:

    Are updates easily accessible to teaching staff?

    Will it allow teaching staff to use proven software unique to their discipline?

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