The Technology Buffet Line and Samuel Jackson

Technology tools for the classroom are basically the food selection at an all-you-can-eat buffet line: there’s an endless selection and everything looks good. But all buffet goers are not created equal. You are most likely one of the following:

The Sneeze Guard Inspector:

1) The Sneeze Guard Inspector is the person that pays the $12-20 and doesn’t eat much. He or she observes the food from the safety of the guard.  Admiring all of the great tools…I mean food, but has enough will power to only have one plate.  This is okay because this person experiences the buffet without the feeling of being full (or in the case of overloading with tech applications, brain melt).  The inspector also knows that since he or she will only go through the line once, that they must pick the very best of the selection.  However, this person still spent $12-20 and probably didn’t get his or her money’s worth.

The Samuel Jackson: 

2) Have you ever wondered why Samuel L. Jackson seems to be in every movie since Jurassic Park…No seriously:  The Samuel Jackson’s of the buffet world are willing to try anything, but in the end do not finish with a “go to” food.  In other words: this person tries many foods but doesn’t have a favorite. Disclaimer: this is not a disparagement of Mr. Jackson, in fact I’ll say it, Snakes on a Plane is the single greatest American cinematic achievement…ever.

The I Will Eat Until My Heart Stops Only to Have it Restarted to Eat Again Person:

3). The IWEUMHSOHREAP (that’s not much easier) is the type that thinks he or she has entered a competition by paying $12-20. That somehow the restaurant has insulted the very nature of humanity and it is solely his or her responsibility to defend it. The fervor and passion of the IWEUMHSOHREAP are inspiring; however, remember “the house always wins.”

The Mutt:

4) This person is a mix between the Sneeze Guard and Samuel Jackson: they know what they like but every once and awhile he or she adds to the plate.


Every school has each type and it’s okay to be each one.  Just some advice:

Sneeze Guard: Come out of your shell some.  It’s okay to try new things.

Samuel Jackson: Great job trying new things but try to master a few things (you were great in Pulp Fiction but what was Deep Blue Sea all about).

Heart-stoppers: I love the passion but take a step back sometimes or….



About afichter

Husband, Father, and Educator. I am a Language Arts teacher and School Improvement Director for Pleasantville Community Schools in Iowa.
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